Road and Bridge Building

Kirby Kitner Excavating: Road Building, Foundations, Utility Trenches, Swells, Grading.

This work consists of excavating material and constructing embankments. This work also includes furnishing, hauling, stockpiling, placing, disposing, sloping, shaping, compacting, and finishing earthen and rocky materials.

Roads and Bridges Excavation and Construction:

  1. Preparing Foundations embankments
  2. Constructing roadway embankments
  3. Benching for side-hill embankments
  4. Constructing dikes, ramps, mounds, and berms
  5. Backfilling subexcavated areas, holes, pits, and other depressions
  6. Conserved topsoil that is suitable for growth of grass, cover crops, or native vegetation.

Source: U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration (March 18, 2017), “STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR CONSTRUCTION OF ROADS AND BRIDGES ON FEDERAL HIGHWAY PROJECTS”

Rebuilding Road Bridge over Creek: